What is a CI manual

Just as people are recalled by their personalities, brands are remembered by the identities. Every brand has unique characteristics which need to be identified through proper use of typography, themes, colours and more…

Corporate Identity design helps to establish a visual aesthetic for your business or brand. It sends a message to your target audience revealing your seriousness about being successful.
A consistent C.I. ensures that a business / brand is remembered and recalled.

Here are a few advantages to creating your Corporate Identity.

When the official logo or image is seen everywhere on official sites, calling cards or social media, the company has an official look and can demand a premium for its product or services.

A Corporate Identity helps to build long-term customer loyalty and establish not only a feeling of customer well-being but also builds an emotional connection with the customer.

The goal of the Corporate Identity is developing the trust of the consumers and stakeholders. A consistent Identity will go al long way in achieving this trust.

The consistent Corporate Identity, which is imparted on the minds of the customer via advertising, social media etc…will help in recalling the brand and thereby ensuring the brands success in market.

The association with a well-crafted brand shows long-term vision and says that the brand is here to stay